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MUDr. Daniel Horáček, primář

The Orthopaedic Department of the Klinika Dr. Pírka (Dr. Pírek's Clinic) ranks among the best departments in the Czech Republic. It was built under the supervision of Prof. MUDr. Oldřich Čech, a leading European orthopedist and the founder of artificial joint implantation in the Czech Republic. 

The Clinic was appointed as a reference and training centre in the field of joint replacement and arthroscopic procedures.

The chief physician MUDr. Daniel Horáček emphasizes: "The goal is certainty, safety and the best possible long-term prospects for the patient."

Experienced surgeons perform a number of demanding operations in high quality, using proven procedures and materials from renowned manufacturers (e.g. from Switzerland and the USA).

The Klinika Dr. Pírka offers in the field of orthopaedics:

  • Surgery and joint replacement of all joints (knee, hip, shoulder, hand joints)
  • Arthroscopic surgeries and other orthopaedic procedures in their entirety (except onco-orthopaedics)
  • Arthroscopic-sparing shoulder surgeries (new procedures with short length of stay)
  • Conservative and operative treatment of fractures
  • Forefoot deformities (toe deformities and complex reconstruction of forefoot deformities)
  • Reoperation of joint replacements 
  • Customized surgeries and other orthopedic procedures
  • Soft tissue musculoskeletal repairs including ligament surgery

Specialist consultations in outpatient clinics with appointments: phone + 420 326 332 991.

Personal approach to each client. Short hospitalisation time. Surgery covered by health insurance. Experience in sports medicine and surgeries of top athletes. Direct collaboration with neurologists and physiotherapists. Provision of photographs and record of arthroscopic surgery free of charge.


Chief of Medicine MUDr. Horáček: The goal is security, safety and the best possible long-term prospects for the patient.


Experienced doctors perform a number of demanding orthopaedic surgeries in high quality.


The orthopaedic department ranks among the best in the Czech Republic.