Friendly environment for patients


The Dr. Pírka Clinic is surrounded by a forest park full of rare trees. That is why dendrological guided tours are often organized here.

But the park is full of other surprises - stone and metal sculptures and sculptures by renowned artists from all over the world.

This unique nature gallery, open all the time, helps patients in their healing process (including physiotherapy walks and exercises), and is also a place for art and nature admirers to visit. 



It all started with the stone sculptures in the park of the Dr. Pírka Clinic, and outdoor art has been an integral part of the forest park ever since.

Works created as part of symposia by world-class sculptors refresh the hospital garden, creating a unique environment for patients and visitors to rest and relax. The sculptures are complemented by metal sculptures.



Thematic exhibitions of large-scale photographs are already a popular part of the artistic life of the hospital and the city of Mladá Boleslav.

In cooperation with the company Medialogue (Olga Menzelová) and other partners, the panels present various personalities (V. Havel, Menzel, Charles IV) or important events in history.




The restaurant on the 3rd floor of the Clinic's outpatient building offers refreshments to patients (digital displays allow clients to wait in the comfort of the restaurant for examinations) and to the public.

The space can also be rented (seminars, events).

Since January 2023, the restaurant has been managed by Independent Living, giving people with various disabilities the opportunity to better integrate into everyday life.

Friendly environment for patients

Nature Gallery. Rare trees and artistic artefacts can be discovered by patients and visitors directly in the forest park around the Clinic.

Friendly environment for patients

Statues. Stone and metal, statues and sculptures, complement the unique outdoor environment.

Friendly environment for patients

Large format photographs. Regular photographic exhibitions are very popular with visitors and patients.

Friendly environment for patients

Restaurant Štěpánka. You can wait for the examination in the comfort of Restaurant Štěpánka on the upper floor of the Outpatient Building.