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Outpatient cardiology provides cardiological examinations, permanent care and monitoring of patients with heart disease, pre-operative cardiological examinations / ECG and ECG Holter / pressure Holter / echocardiogram / stress ECG - e.g. for athletes / examination of the veins of the lower limbs by ultrasound / bicycle ergometry, etc.

At Klinika Dr. Pírka (Dr. Pírek's Clinic) trials and participation of the Department of Cardiology in the introduction of new drugs into practice in cooperation with SUKL, and world leading pharmaceutical companies.

Cardiology outpatient department and examination of the venous system of the lower limbs of the Klinika Dr. Pírka:

  • Outpatient care in its entirety
  • Continuing care and monitoring of patients with heart disease
  • Pre-operative cardiological examination
  • Erudite cardiological care MUDr. Nora Bolvanská, cooperation with the Department of Cardiology, Vinohrady Hospital, Prague
  • Clinical cardiological examination, ECG, pressure Holter, ECG Holter, Echocardiogram, spiroergometry
  • Modern equipment Schiller (Switzerland)
  • Examination of the veins of the lower limbs by ultrasound
  • Examination of athletes - stress ECG, spiroergometry

Specialist consultations in outpatient clinics with appointments: outpatient clinic phone: +420 326 375 405 and reception: +420 326 332 991. 

Personal approach to each client. Office hours five days a week, also afternoon outpatient hours with appointment time and day with minimal waiting time, pleasant environment of a modern outpatient clinic.


Cardiology is involved in clinical trials and the introduction of new drugs into practice.