Internal Rules Kliniky Dr. Pírka


Dear clients, welcome to the Klinika Dr. Pírka (Dr. Pírek's Clinic).

We are very grateful that you have chosen our Clinic. Our aim is to take perfect care of your health. In order to ensure proper operation, we would like to present our internal regulations.

The Internal Regulations are binding for all patients treated at the Klinika Dr. Pírka s.r.o. in Mladá Boleslav. 

Please familiarize yourself with the following instructions. We believe that following our recommendations and instructions will make your stay in our medical facility more pleasant for you and other patients.

During your stay, you will be cared for by a team of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who will determine the diagnostic and therapeutic procedure within the guidelines of the head of the department. 

The nursing care is the responsibility of a team of nurses under the expert guidance of the station nurses and the head nurse.


The usual daily routine at the Dr. Pírek's Clinic:

Please respect the time of meal service and the time of medical appointments. Please stay in the rooms during these times. 

06:00 - 07:00 Temperature / blood pressure / collection of biological material (blood, urine, etc.) / morning toilet

06:50 - 07:00 Morning rounds

07:30 - 08:30 Breakfast

11:30 - 12:00 Lunch

14:00 Snack

17:30 Dinner

19:00 Evening Visitation

21:00 Diabetic second dinner



  • Upon admission to the ward, familiarize yourself with the fire alarm guidelines and escape routes that are posted on the corridor walls. In the event of a fire or other unforeseen situation, remain calm and cool and follow the instructions of Clinic staff.
  • Upon admission to our inpatient unit, you will be identified with an identification bracelet. This wristband allows us to safely identify you during all medical activities.
  • Please do not enter the ward service rooms without good cause and without being asked to do so.
  • When you are admitted to the Clinic, place your clothing in the designated area designated by the medical staff of the appropriate department.
  • If you have a large amount of money, valuable items with you when you are admitted to the Clinic, you must hand them over for safekeeping against receipt. Only in this case can you claim against the Clinic for any losses.
  • You may only use your own electrical devices and equipment with the consent of the attending staff.
  • It is forbidden to bring any weapons, sharp, stabbing or otherwise dangerous objects and dangerous chemicals into the Clinic.
  • All medications during your stay at the Clinic are prescribed by your attending physician and administered by a nurse. If you are taking certain medications to treat a specific condition, please bring them with you to the clinic and give them to the nurse upon arrival at the appropriate ward.
  • Do not take any medicines yourself - bear in mind that the medicines you are prescribed may be adversely affected by medicines you have 'prescribed' yourself.
  • Medication must be self-administered by a qualified healthcare professional.
  • Ask what medicines you are taking and why you are taking them - you have the right to information about the medicines you have been prescribed.
  • If you have allergies to medicines, food, dust, pollen or other substances, please tell the ward nursing staff.
  • You will be cared for during your stay by a team of healthcare professionals who you can contact with confidence. We guarantee you complete confidentiality and protection of all your personal information. Your treatment will be treated with the utmost discretion and respect for your privacy.
  • On admission, you will be informed in detail about the nature, cause and origin of your illness. You will be informed of the purpose, nature, benefits and possible consequences of the treatment chosen. You will also be informed of other options for the provision of health care. You will be informed of the recommendations and possible implications for further treatment.
  • You may waive your right to submit health information or you may opt out of submitting health information.
  • You may designate persons who may be informed about the health condition when you are admitted to care. Telephone information is given only in exceptional circumstances, on confirmation of identity by checking the password of the person you have designated. Health information is only given by a doctor. The general nurse gives information only within the scope of his/her professional competence.
  • Information about an adverse diagnosis or prognosis may be withheld only to the extent necessary for the necessary length of time.
  • On admission, the patient shall be informed in advance of payments in connection with the care provided. Payments are paid on discharge in cash or, by agreement, by bank transfer or credit card.
  • You have the right to request the absence of other persons during room rounds or examinations as part of your right to privacy. In multi-bed rooms, rounds may be carried out with another patient present, but you always have the right to request the absence of other persons under the right to privacy.
  • Bed linen is changed as needed, at least once a week.
  • Keep the rooms, corridors, toilets and bathrooms clean.
  • Your diet is determined by your attending physician. It is in your own interest to follow the dietary recommendations and not interfere with the course of treatment. For bedridden patients, food is served at the bedside. Walking patients eat in their rooms. It is forbidden to bring and consume alcoholic beverages of any kind, addictive substances and to take medications not prescribed by the attending physician in the Clinic.
  • In case of need, contact with the medical staff will be made possible by the signalling devices in the rooms. Familiarize yourself with its use.
  • Switch off your mobile phone before every examination and treatment, as well as before rounds.
  • Respect the internal workings of the ward, the resulting regime, and the peace and privacy of fellow patients. Do not disturb them with noisy behaviour. We ask you to observe the lunch and night hours and visiting hours according to the specifics of the department. Please also remind your visitors of the need to comply with this regime.
  • Visits to the ward are seven days a week at a time when they cannot interfere with the treatment regime between 9:00 and 19:00. They are allowed in the post-operative rooms by agreement with the attending physician for a limited period of time. The clinic may announce restrictions on visits. Visits to the rooms are not appropriate for children under 12 years of age.
  • We will arrange for the continuous presence of a legal guardian upon request, but it must not interfere with the provision of medical and diagnostic care.
  • At the patient's request, the head nurse, station nurse, or attending physician will arrange for spiritual care by a chaplain with appropriate privacy and without restricting the rights of other patients.
  • Do not leave your ward without the nurse's knowledge. It is forbidden to venture outside the Clinic without the permission of the physician.
  • We ask that you be considerate in handling the equipment and inventory of the Clinic. Any damage caused by you may be credited to your account.
  • Smoking is not permitted on the Clinic premises.
  • We ask that you approach your treatment with an active interest and respect the recommendations of the medical staff.
  • Parking on the Clinic premises is only possible in connection with the provision of health care.
  • Visitors and patients are kindly requested not to place objects in the rooms that may contravene the hygiene and epidemiological measures (e.g. cut flowers and other plants including flowers in the soil, pets...).


This document was issued on 1. 11. 2022

Internal Rules Kliniky Dr. Pírka

The internal rules of the Dr. Pírek's Clinic serve to ensure a safe and pleasant stay with us.

Internal Rules Kliniky Dr. Pírka

Visits to the ward are allowed 7 days a week between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., but must not interfere with the treatment or other regimen.

Internal Rules Kliniky Dr. Pírka

Keep the rooms, corridors, toilets and bathrooms clean.

Internal Rules Kliniky Dr. Pírka

Familiarize yourself with the use of room alarms.