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  • conventional and laparoscopic surgeries
  • operations with and without artificial mesh



In the literature, a hernia is the protrusion of a part of the intra-abdominal organs in front of the abdominal wall.

The cause is most often a weakening of the abdominal wall and increased intra-abdominal pressure.

Symptoms of hernia are pain in the incriminated region and palpable resistance, which cannot always be retracted back into the abdominal cavity.

The treatment of hernia is only surgical - operation.


Preoperative preparation

Consultation with a surgeon in the Clinic's outpatient clinic. 

The surgeon will acquaint the patient with the most appropriate technical solution for the operation and will inform the patient about the risks of the procedure and the postoperative regimen.

Preoperative preparation does not require any special measures. The client arrives on the morning of the operation on an empty stomach with a pre-operative examination.

Older patients with co-morbidities are admitted for preparation the day before operation.



Surgery is carried out after consultation with the surgeon using the classical method (incision) or the laparoscopic method (performed from individual punctures).

The application of polypropylene mesh is decided by the condition of the tissues. In laparoscopic operations, the mesh is always applied.

The advantage of laparoscopic surgery is shorter recovery time, less pain and better cosmetic effect.


Postoperative recovery

Rehabilitation takes place practically from the moment the patient wakes up (breathing exercises) and on the first post-operative day the patient stands at the bedside and walks accompanied by a rehabilitation worker.

Modern surgical procedures allow for a short hospitalisation period in indicated cases.

Patients are allowed full physical exercise 3-6 weeks after surgery, depending on the type and size of hernia. Patients after surgery of large hernias in the abdominal wall area wear a hernia belt for up to 2 months. After its removal, patients are able to have full weight bearing without restrictions.



Hernia. Symptoms of a hernia are pain in the incriminated area.


Hernia operation. The operation is performed by the classical (incision) or laparoscopic way.