Preparation before TEP surgery




I. Examination in the orthopaedic outpatient clinic of Dr. Pírka Clinic

  • Clinical examination by an orthopaedic surgeon + X-ray examination of the joint
  • Indication of joint replacement surgery or recommended further treatment procedure

II. Exclusion of inflammatory deposits in the patient's body 3-6 months before surgery (provided by the patient)

  • Urinalysis for culture (general practitioner)
  • Dental examination to exclude foci incl. X-RAY
  • Nose and throat swab with culture and possible antibiotic sensitivity (ENT)
  • Gynaecological examination in women
  • Date of last tetanus vaccination

III. Month before surgery

  • Examination by an internist
  • ECG record + description
  • Laboratory tests: KO, INR, APTT, Urea, K, bili, ALT, AST, glucose,
  • CRP, urinalysis M+S, blood group
  • X-ray heart and lungs (X-ray S+P)

If the patient has a complicating disease (diabetes, pulmonary, cardiac, neurological, vascular ...) - examination by a specialist according to the nature of the disease.
Anesthesiological examination at Dr. Pírka's clinic with the above results 2 to 3 weeks before the operation (must be booked in advance).


Admission for surgery 

  • The day before the operation 10.00 a.m. - 11.00 a.m.
  • French canes with you
  • X-ray of the operated limb on CD (if from another department)
  • Long term medication to take with you in original packaging

Blood thinners are usually NOT taken by the patient long enough before surgery, in consultation with the anaesthetist or attending physician.

Any necessary follow-up rehabilitation care after surgery should be booked by yourself in advance, in consultation with the surgeon.

Recommendations on what to bring with you to the hospital:

Footwear - preferably good quality, orthopaedic shoes (loose straps), without wedges, non-slip soles.

Pyjamas - short trousers or loose-fitting nightgown, preferably with short sleeves (5 pcs)

Toiletries + 3 towels

Loose trousers are suitable for departure.


When arriving at the Dr. Pírka Clinic, please always report to the reception desk and have your insurance card and ID card ready. 

The staff will take care of you and arrange the next procedure.


Directions by car: Na Celně 885, Mladá Boleslav. The clinic is located on the outskirts of Mlada Boleslav in the forest park. Direction of exit from Mlada Boleslav to Dobrovice. Parking is free on the premises of the Dr. Pírka Clinic.

By bus: line 33, or line A, line B


Preparation before TEP surgery

When arriving at the Dr. Pírka Clinic, always report to the reception.

Preparation before TEP surgery

Don't forget your personal documents and insurance card.

Preparation before TEP surgery

Put only the essentials for your hospital stay in your luggage.