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MUDr. Petr Podzimek

The Surgical Department of the Klinika Dr. Pírka , headed by Chief of Surgery MUDr. Petr Podzimek, MD, is one of the basic pillars of the Clinic's activities.

Experienced surgeons are mainly engaged in all abdominal surgery procedures, general surgery - operations on the digestive tract, operations on veins of the lower limbs, basic onco-surgery - breast, colon, rectum and other procedures.

Surgeries are performed laparoscopically as well as in the conventional way. Dr. Pírka's clinic introduces the latest surgical procedures, which enable care with shorter hospitalisation time - in indicated cases even in one-day mode.

Klinika Dr. Pírka offers in the field of surgery:

  • Hernia, appendix and gallbladder surgery
  • Vein surgery of the lower limbs
  • Hemorrhoid surgery
  • Breast surgery and other surgical procedures

The inpatient area primarily performs abdominal surgery, breast surgery, proctosurgery (rectal surgery), lower extremity vein surgery and a spectrum of soft tissue surgeries.

In abdominal surgery, operations are performed with the aim of the most gentle surgical procedure. Laparoscopic operations for gallbladder, hernia, and colon tumors are performed as standard. Conventional surgical procedures are also performed.

In oncosurgery, the Clinic is mainly dedicated to the surgical treatment of breast, colon and rectal tumours. Breast cancer surgery is performed with a focus on breast-conserving procedures. Ultrasound-guided breast surgery and sentinel node detection are also standard. In case of oncological diseases, we cooperate with the oncology centre of the Regional Hospital Liberec to provide pre- and post-operative treatment.

The clinic also cooperates with plastic surgeons in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Specialist consultations in outpatient clinics with appointments: phone 326 332 991 / 326 375 434. Personal approach to each client, with follow-up after surgery.


Safety and security for patients - this is the motto of the surgical department of Chief of Surgery MUDr. Petra Podzimka.


Laparoscopic and conventional surgical operations are performed in modern operating theatres.


The latest surgical procedures allow for shorter hospital stays.