MUDr. Antonín Pírek: A good name matters


During the First Republic (Czechoslovak Republic, 1918-1938), the young doctor Antonín Pírek was inspired by the construction of a number of modern medical complexes (Prague-Bulovka), as well as smaller institutes of a high standard (such as the Sanatorium in Londýnská Street in Prague). 

He decided to implement his ideas in Mladá Boleslav, where at that time only the old hospital was functioning. MUDr. Pírek got in touch with the architect Walenfels, who was enthusiastic about Pírek's ideas - and drew up a design for a hospital unprecedented at the time: illuminated operating theatres, rooms with low windowsills so that patients could see the surrounding countryside, warm cork floors to dampen sound,

In March 1934, construction began on the green field, and in just six months, in October 1934, the Sanatorium of MUDr. Antonín Pírek was inaugurated.


The founder of the sanatorium was himself a successful surgeon, so it is not surprising that Dr. Pírek paid great attention to the operating theatre with its aseptic room and reflective vault over two floors of the building.

Extraordinary for its time was the so-called shadowless light (a luminaire of extraordinary power from Philips). The rooms for the patients also had modern equipment and furniture - and so Antonín Pírek managed to build a truly modern sanatorium with a pleasant atmosphere and a family atmosphere.

Six years later, Dr. Antonín Pírek successfully realized his great dream.



Everything ended with the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and the beginning of the Second World War.

In 1940, Dr. Antonín Pírek was arrested and sent to a concentration camp for supporting the resistance. He survived the war, but after the war his Sanatorium suffered the sad fate of a gradually deteriorating medical facility, which turned into an overloaded gynaecological and obstetric ward of the Mladá Boleslav district hospital.

MUDr. Antonín Pírek ended his career as the head of the gynaecology and obstetrics department of Tanvald Hospital.



MUDr. Antonín Pírek devoted his entire life to the principle of patient service. His credo: "We are well aware that we work in a private institution and our existence depends on its good name", which today adorns the facade of the hospital part of Dr. Pírek's Clinic, is valid and binding for today's doctors and medical staff of the Clinic.

MUDr. Antonín Pírek: A good name matters

MUDr. Antonín Pírek: "We are well aware that we work in a private institution and our existence depends on its good name."

MUDr. Antonín Pírek: A good name matters

Sanatorium of MUDr. Antonín Pírek. This was the original name of the private institute opened in October 1934 during the First Czechoslovak Republic.