Art of Healing


Dr. Feather's clinic is entering the future. Proud of its history, we recall the moment of its foundation 90 years ago by Antonín Pírk, MD, and another moment of rebirth 30 years ago, when the Pírk family decided to create a modern private hospital in the spirit of its founder.

In his honour, and as a commitment to our service, we have decided on a new motto for the Dr. Pírka Clinic - the art of healing. And we are ready to live up to it.

The basic principle is a professional and individual approach to each of our clients, personal care and a feeling of maximum security. We have an excellent medical and nursing team. We also have state-of-the-art equipment in the operating rooms of the hospital and individual outpatient facilities. 

We provide European level care, validated by certified and proven procedures, without experimentation on patients. At the same time, we follow global trends, giving our clients access to proven methods at the highest possible level.

To be able to achieve this, we send our doctors and medical staff to international courses and congresses, consolidating our position as a sought-after private hospital in the fields of orthopaedics, surgery, hand surgery, and more.

The Clinic's development programme is based on investment in modern technology. The new MRI unit will ensure a significant reduction and refinement of the diagnosis of patients with orthopaedic and neurological problems. We will be able to plan 3D surgical procedures, and we are also preparing for robotic surgery in orthopaedics, which will place us among European centres using this cutting-edge American technology in joint surgery.

But it doesn't end with the new imaging pavilion. We also have other visions, such as the project for a rehabilitation inpatient aftercare unit, and other projects. 

The future of the Dr. Feather Clinic begins today, and we are writing it every day. 

Stanislav Najman, MD, Director of the Dr. Feather Clinic / January 2023


Art of Healing

MUDr. Miroslav Pírek, grandson of the founder of the Kliniky Dr. Pírek, met with the director of the Clinic, MUDr. Stanislav Najman, and the deputy director Ing. Pavel Kožený, Ph.D. The main point of their meeting was the future program that the Klinika Dr. Pírka is submitting for approval to the Ministry of Health and the health insurance company.

Art of Healing

MUDr. Miroslav Pírek and MUDr. Stanislav Najman also discussed ongoing and future projects in surgery and orthopaedics - for example, the introduction of new treatment procedures, the development of international cooperation in the training of the Clinic's doctors, and the completion and planned opening of the future pavilion of imaging methods.