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Kateřina Pelcová, vedoucí oddělení

The outpatient physiotherapy department provides complex physiotherapy methods that are used by patients of various departments (e.g. orthopaedics, surgery), but also by other clients.

An experienced team of physiotherapists works under the direction of Kateřina Pelcová (experience from clinics in Switzerland and Germany).

Physiotherapy is equipped with the most modern devices in the field (laser, electrotherapy, ultrasound, shock wave, Redcord, etc.), offers interactive SMART methods of exercise with active patient participation, individual training programs, etc.

An integral part of the quality orthopaedic and neurological care provided by the Dr. Pírek's Clinic is an experienced team of physiotherapists who provide expert care 7 days a week to hospitalized patients in the orthopaedic and surgical wards.


Outpatient physiotherapy care of Dr. Pírek's Clinic:

  • High quality equipment (laser, electrotherapy, ultrasound, shock wave, RedCord)
  • Interactive exercise methods with active patient participation
  • Modern environment of the new outpatient areas
  • Possibility of individual training programs, not only for athletes 

Specialist consultations in the outpatient clinics with appointment times: outpatient clinic phone: +420 326 375 465 and reception: +420 326 332 991. Personal approach to each client.


Physiotherapy is equipped with the most modern equipment in the field.