Quality and safety


Quality and comprehensive patient care services include the environment in which patients move.

The clinic is located in a woodland park, with modern design reception areas and areas where patients wait for appointments.

There are also equipped hotel-style post-operative rooms and home kitchens.


Certified and safe healthcare practices without unproven experiments are commonplace at Dr. Feather Clinic.

In 2022, the Dr. Feather Clinic repeatedly defended the Quality and Safe Hospital certificate of the Czech Society for Healthcare Accreditation.

The clinic is certified by the renowned TayllorCox company, and other awards in the field of quality and safety.



The Dr. Pírka Clinic is a leader in the introduction of modern medical documentation technologies in the Czech Republic.

The goal is always to follow the rules of safe hospital - safe care - enough time for the patient. 

Along with the growing importance of digitalization, the Clinic also pays great attention to cybersecurity and adequate protection of sensitive data.



Quality and safety

The recovery rooms offer a high standard of home comforts and modern facilities.

Quality and safety

The Safe Hospital Certificate is regularly defended by the Dr. Pírka Clinic.

Quality and safety

Electronic documentation is a matter of course, as is the protection of sensitive patient data.