Hospitalisation: information for the patient

Basic information for the patient in preparation for hospitalization at the KDP (Klinika Dr. Pírka - Dr. Pírek's Clinic)

Don't be afraid to be hospitalized with us - our goal is to provide you with a safe and friendly environment at all times. Throughout your treatment at our facility, you will be cared for by experienced medical staff - with the goal of providing professional level care. If you are unsure, don't be afraid to contact the attending physician or nurse.

Always check in at the Dr. Pírek's Clinic reception desk upon arrival. The staff will be happy to take you in and become your guide.

Please read the following information now, which is important for a smooth preparation for hospitalization at the Dr. Pírek's Clinic:

Arrange a pre-operative examination with your general practitioner 2 to 3 weeks before your planned surgery:

1. Examination by a general practitioner or specialist - internal conclusion if you are seen in a specialist outpatient clinic (e.g. cardiologist, internist...)
2. laboratory blood tests KO, INR APTT, Urea, Na, K, Cl, bili, ALT, AST, glucose
3. Laboratory examination of urine M+S
4. ECG examination
5. X-ray S+P if recommended by your doctor

Pre-operative anaesthetic examination 1 to 2 weeks before surgery.
With the results of the examination it is advisable to visit the anaesthesiology outpatient clinic of the Dr. Pírek's Clinic - an appointment can be made at the reception of the Clinic or by calling + 420 326 332 991 (1 to 2 weeks before surgery). We will check and, if necessary, complete the pre-operative examination and arrange the method of anaesthesia.

Admission to surgery - the day before surgery or the morning of surgery.

The referring physician or anesthesiologist will recommend admission the day before or the morning of surgery.

To ensure a smooth reception at the Clinic, please prepare the following:

  • ID card
  • Insurance card
  • Permanently used medication in the original packaging
  • Name, phone number, address of contact person
  • Name of GP
  • Name of employer

In your luggage, take the following:

  • Suitable shoes with non-slip soles
  • Pyjamas (approx. 2x)
  • Personal hygiene items + towels
  • Medicines in original packaging
Hospitalisation: information for the patient

Don't worry about hospitalization. With us you are in a friendly environment and safe.

Hospitalisation: information for the patient

Please bring only the essentials for your stay.

Hospitalisation: information for the patient

Please also bring your permanent medication in its original packaging.