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MUDr. Petr Podzimek


We perform hemorrhoid surgery using the classical procedure or minimally invasive technique - laser, RAR, HAL.

  • RAR (recto anal repair) - suitable for erupting or permanently fixed hemorrhoids
  • HAL (sonographically navigated ligation) - the feeding vessel is identified by ultrasound and is treated with targeted opich
  • LASER - laser gentle treatment of hemorrhoids, disposable material
  • classical surgery - thanks to the cooperation with the leading Czech proctosurgeon doc. MUDr. Ladislav Horák, we continue to improve our surgical procedures
  • Long's method using a special stapler

The advantage is that the procedure is performed under short general anaesthesia, the pain and healing after the procedure is minimal, and the work disability is short.

The patient goes home in the evening on the day of the procedure or the next morning. 

The methods are not suitable for every disability and every hemorrhoid solution. The suitability of the ideal method of treatment will be determined by the physician during the consultation in the outpatient clinic. 

 The aim of our doctors is to offer the most gentle solution, the least painful method of moaning with the earliest discharge home, and at the same time with the least risk of recurrence (re-occurrence) of the difficulty.

The newly introduced hemorrhoid surgery program is guaranteed and performed under the guidance of Assoc. MUDr. Ladislav Horák, DrSc. (member of the committee of the proctology section of the ČLS JEP, leading specialist in the Czech Republic in proctology, attestation in proctology).

If you are interested in Laser surgery, HAL, RAR surgery, please contact the reception of the clinic Dr. Pírka 326 332 991 or directly doc. MUDr. Ladislav Horák DrSc. 734 286 991.

In other cases of hemorrhoid treatment contact the Clinic at 326 332 991

RAR, HAL, LASER procedures are not covered by health insurance.

For prices see section Prices of extra services.


Hemorrhoid operation is performed under brief general anesthesia.


Painfulness of hemorrhoid operation and healing after the procedure is minimal.